The Captain America Project #7: Joe Madureira

The Captain America Project: 20 artists, 20 drawings of Captain America on one page.

This week: Joe Madureira (Uncanny X-Men)

Joe Madureira was another artist I approached at the 2010 Wizard World NY show.  I had approached him early in the afternoon that Saturday, but he advised he wasn’t drawing sketches.  Normally I wouldn’t ask a second time, but as the day went on, more than a few of the attending artists that worked on my page would say, “You HAVE to get Joe Mad for this page.”

Later in the day I noticed he was drawing a pencil sketch for an attendee.  Figuring it couldn’t hurt to ask, I asked if he had opened up a sketch list.  He hadn’t, but when he saw my Captain America jam page in progress, he agreed!

In my last post, I mentioned that Alex Maleev had accidentally spilled a drop of ink on one of the empty panels.  Joe looked at it and said, “I can cover this up in my sketch if you want.”  Of course, I said yes.

You can’t tell from this picture, but the ink stain is actually hidden in Cap’s shield.

Captain America by Joe Madureira

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