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The Girl Who Cried Her Eyes Out: A Feature Length Horror Film Coming In 2023

The trailer for The Girl Who Cried Her Eyes Out, the feature length horror film I co-wrote and produced, is now on YouTube!

Directed by Eugene John Bellida
Written By Eugene John Bellida, Fabrizio Fante and Deborah Rickey
Cast: Mari Blake, Hallie Ruth Jacobs, Jason Schlaman, Suzanna Scorcia, Aleis Work, Chandler Reed, Tyler Meteu Bryan, Mikaela Seamans, Harrison Moore, Meena Knowles, Kelsea Baker, Adele Batchelder, Lisa Naso, Mark Ashin

When a group of friends sneak into a state park for a night of drinking and partying, a cruel dare brings Maddie (played by Mari Blake) face to face with the disturbed spirit of young Caroline Woodman (Hallie Ruth Jacobs of Poker Face) the forest’s legendary “Girl Who Cried Her Eyes Out.” None are safe as one by one they suffer the wrath of Caroline’s vengeance. Time is running out, and the bodies are piling up. How do they stop a 300 year old spirit that cannot be killed?


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